Lyrics and Chords of Just Mek A Duppy

Artist:Bounty Killer

Me just mek a duppy wid me nine, nine
Mister MAC-10 get bad mind, mind
AK, Smith & Wesson
Step up and teach 'em a lesson
This warlord, a carbine-bine

God of war step up inna yu vicinity
Everything dead off, infinity
Dem have the thoughts and the talk
None of them have the ability
Fi take di battlefield like livity

[Verse 1]
Ah death alone guaranteed, so mi nuh fear no foe
I have the eagle fi di evil so mi nuh fear no crow
Nuh trouble weh, no trouble yuh if you know weh mi know
Nuthin' change, I'm the same Bounty from before

Me is di bigga dog and dem deh back and all now mi nuh fraid
From '92 til now mi ah do dis and all now mi nuh fade
If ah' shootin mi wi shoot because ah mi did start di craze
Ah waste bullet some bwoy a fire cause dem shot nuh even ah graze


[Verse 2]
Anytime mi a buss it up, mi love di joy di rifle bring
Di 50 caliber tear anna divide yuh skin
Yuh get di lead, and ah no recycle ting
To di morgue, no recycle bin

Pussyhole, I do what I have to
Put yuhself in front di nozzle and see if mi nuh shot yuh
Boom, nuh lip service, you mouth off, yuh likkle faggot yuh
Mi bloodclot teflon bullet dem ah drop yuh

(Chorus, Verse 1, Chorus x2)

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