Lyrics and Chords of (Under) The Boardwalk

Artist:David F. Bello

I could sit
Around all day
Telling myself
That if I was a girl
I would like me
I've got
Such a sweet personality

And I
I could
My house

Fillin' my head
With broken spikes
Straws of caking life
Unfilled trays of food
And cartons of milk
Without cost or debt
At the shelter

And I
I could
My skin

Wearing the same
Clothes since last month
Buyin' a sandwich
Every few weeks
My mother comes to visit
But my father
He won't

And I
I could
My skill

Of pressing buttons
To call him up
But you know I won't
Because I'm a fool
I've never been a man
My heart is a boy
Who's been buried in the sand

And I
I could
Be covered, covered, covered
By the sea

By the sea!
By the tides!
The moon pulls the blanket over my eyes
That see no more!
I'll never leave this shore!
It's up to my nose!
My eyelids begin to close!

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