Lyrics and Chords of Balls

Artist:David F. Bello

At 20 years old, what can you know?
What can you claim to be?
Highways and war, some old drunken whore
Your future is plain as song to see
Working at Hechinger's, building a deck and you're
Not gonna make it that way
With an idiot plan, that no one understand
Or at least they don't, so you say

"Fuck this town, fuck the music scene
And fuck all my friends who don't understand
Fuck learning and tests of discipline and patience
I want to prove to myself
That I'm a man"

Whiskey and reds, unmade beds
Kerouac, Dylan, and alt-country rock
A small fish in a smaller pond
Is no way to go when opportunity knocks
If man is defined by poverty and wine
Then why would you want that, you fool?
I know you'll regret, but it's what you get
With the decision to drop out of school
And say...

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