Lyrics and Chords of Broken Emery Board (Pt. 1)

Artist:David F. Bello

You look so welcoming, so eager to please
With your terrycloth robe wrapped around your knees
And the shadows in your hairs curled under the fleece
You’re a cannibal lamb, but you voted for peace

I was born alone, I'll die alone

Knew you were a bad idea when I saw
You weren't who I thought you were
I've never been sicker than I am right now,
But then again I've never been less unhappier
How would your best friend feel if she knew
Would she hit you for every time you kiss
Make us all guess through hinting quotes
That make my imagination come up with this:

"I was born alone, I'll die alone"

We're such good friends, we can talk about anything
Give me a single reason why I try to ruin everything
I love, I keep hurting you whenever we get close
But maybe its best if you wouldn't bring it up

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