Lyrics and Chords of Broken Emery Board (Pt. 2)

Artist:David F. Bello

Thanks for selling me drugs
When your boyfriend got them
And thanks for giving me a good deal

Thanks for not telling me
About how you love him
And thanks for acting like we are real

I pretend enough for 200 pink elephants
My eyes are fires that burn in the forests
And spread like water, quenching the drying leaves
That weep and weep for us

Whatever you say
I pretend I believe it
If it's only me or if you lie to everyone

I wish I could be your confident lover
But out of all of us nerds
I'm just another one

I like buying when I don't have any cash on me
You like to spend your dough
On whatever strikes your fancy
But share, share

Oh, oh
Don't spend your time with me
Oh, oh, we've all gotta die someday

The girl you betray with every time you see
Your money-earning friend who remains in secrecy

Told me when she still lived in our area
That I should hope for some time in a future age

But what she didn't know at the time
Could've helped me wanna survive
And she might not have moved out of town
But she did, she's gone now

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