Lyrics and Chords of Catholic Schools Week

Artist:David F. Bello

I've been covering the same
Lyrical ground since birth
Saying that I feel like the loneliest
Little boy on Earth
And the only options that I see
Don't look so very pretty

I believe women should have the right to choose!
And accepting those consequences:
I accept that I will lose
I'm dying to meet new people
I'm guaranteed to hate
And to leave a bad impression
On a friend I asked to date

You might as well have sent me
To an all-boys academy
Because all the girls here that like me
Are taken or queer
And apparently
It's none of my business

The owl's question is ringing through my ears
It better get itself answered in the next four years
I'm getting closer to the carrot on a rope
But I'm always let down by my friend hope

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