Lyrics and Chords of Close to Safety

Artist:David F. Bello

Is it comforting to know
I'll always be underneath
This ragged man will
Catch you if you fall

Like the job behind the desk
That you never wanted
But you had to take because
You couldn't get a job in the movies
But Seattle is too far
When you can't even start your car
Without the keys
I'm gripping in my hand

You bought my arms from the doctor
But my hands were empty
I didn't leave you
A thing in my will

I never wanted to
Say these rotten things to you
But I guess I have to
Since you won't be around to hear them
This city is too new
And there's no one around like you
But if there were I'd be
Too afraid to meet them

It hits too close to home

My hair is falling out
I've settled for less
Unhappiness was cheap
My fears they float beside you

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