Lyrics and Chords of Doors of the Church

Artist:David F. Bello

What kind of seed did you plant in my head?
How did you do it, what time have you spent?
I'll bet you lived with an old woman by a lake
She taught you her powers where you would be safe

How did you find out where I sleep?
Did you follow the trail of blood
From your home to mine?

How did you know that I had been thinking of you?
I've gone out of my way to steer clear of you

I don't wanna leave a bad impression,
Calling you on the night I decide to collapse
Midnight confession before one last knot in the rope

My swingin' feet feel like dancing on the night when we first met
I just wanted to call you to let you know not to be too upset
When you hear the chair fall and the rope snap tight, call the cops
911'll beat you here if you obey all the stops

Just don't show up in a pretty black dress
If you do, don't cry, you'll just make it worse
Keep a straight face so no one'll even know
You brought tissues in your purse
It's not your fault, no one will mind
My family won't know you so it's okay to smile
Just don't look back as you walk out the doors of the church
I won't forget you, even now

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