Lyrics and Chords of Everyone Looks and Sounds Just Like You

Artist:David F. Bello

I wanna vomit on your
Black T-shirts
That advertise metal bands

The children you
Conceived in 9th grade
In football stands

The mall is breathing
With motley heavings
of crowd interaction

Metal belt girls
Hair dye colors gauged ears
Lick winter tire traction

Break me out another
Bottle I
Haven't started buzzing yet

You'll be a policeman
The way you give orders
I'll take that bet

That in twenty minutes
I'll be right in this

Thinner and younger and better
You'd better
Start the count

At the bottom of the barrel
I'll sit with my friends
At the bottom of the barrel
I'll count my blessings
Always look on the bright side of life!
Not just the ends
At the bottom of the barrel
Count me in

Now that you've gained weight
And been to prison
I hope you've learned a lot

'Cause I'm still jealous
And fat and lazy and stupid and useless and drunk and ugly
And my forehead is hot

What have I given
Just to be able to say
That I am closer

To being alive
With nothing left
But Herzog and the idiot

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