Lyrics and Chords of Evil, the Greater (Faust Summons the Dressed Demon)

Artist:David F. Bello

I wish you were here so I could
Wrap my hands around your neck
And drag my pick across the hole in your body
With every strum I loosen the strings
That come from down your head
To the bridge I pull out pins to free

All the notes the human ear can hear
Bending and stretching to catch a tune
When your lips are pursed in exit
I hear the song I wrote for you to sing

I wish you were here so I could
Sing it straight into you
And mouth the words from within your mouth
It's coming, oh, so fast
I can't really write it down
But thank God it's coming out

When the words form a paragraph
The telegraphs are beeping fast
Your heart will flutter until dawn
I hear the rhythm birthed into everyone

Jesus blesses every
Circle drawn in diagram
With a star for sin drawn upside down
And with this pentagram
I call the hell I suffer with
In this world remain in thorned crown

Goodbye to all the world
I drown myself in chicken blood
In tubs of golden seams
Your hair is clogging, helping
Drowning with the stench of death
As I break the border with my team

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