Lyrics and Chords of Evil, the Lesser (The Vulgate)

Artist:David F. Bello

What I see when my mind goes to sleep
Is what my teacher told me to keep
For memorization, I should write a diary

What I remember doesn't match the things I know
But I swear to God if you tell me not to go
Then I'll stay here and feed you parts of me

When I say that everything you love is broken
When I say that everything you love is dead
When I shut up and realize that everything you love is breathing
When I breath and collapse will say come to my bed

I walk to the edge of the sea
And pull out the watch you gave to me
I wonder what happened to mine

When she's seeing you for that book she needs
I wonder when you think that I should leave
The only thing I care about is time

Every time you look at that shirt
You think about the stains that once were
And how the belt wrapped around my feet

I hope my comforter is clean
But there's nothing there that my friends haven't seen
Just think about the words I love to repeat

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