Lyrics and Chords of Family

Artist:David F. Bello

Sometimes I feel like your
Whole organization is an empire
In our small town

Is there some ancient citizen
Buried under your house
Deep in the ground

I often wonder if maybe
There is an odd chemical
In your supply of water

That makes all of you seem
Like some kind of leader's
Unpermissive daughter

Your fashionable rebelliousness is a failure
Erudite longings collapse under admittances
No one knows that you aren't really that smart
But it's too simple to read what the book you've written says

Babies don't breathe
When you cut off the sleeve
And your shirts torn at the seams

Your hair is entwined
With refugees from your mind
That escape when the sunlight beams

You can only ask
For the ruler's next task
And he'll clean up your mistakes

I just don't get
The rules that he sets
But I don't want the revenge he takes

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