Lyrics and Chords of Farewell Earth

Artist:David F. Bello

Let us see the graves of our fathers
So that we may rise up just like them one day
Let us die in the fields like our fathers
And they can burn our bodies away

So my son won't have to believe
There's some spot of land that I'll never leave
That he must find before he leaves his home
And mother dies of the plague

Because a tomb is only a resting place
Where our bodies rot and take up space
And our souls prepare for flight
And say "goodnight to the world"

Well, our hearts burst out in plastic
And our feet break away from the weight
See our hearts burst out in public
I heard the view is great

From the balconies over the streets
Where the kings and queens, troops, armies, and fleets
Watch from safety where no one can see
Through the thick layer of dirt

Throw my body from the side
Of the ship I'm riding whenever I may die
On the voyage to whatever distant land
I'd rather float forever than be buried in sand

Farewell, Earth
You have treated me well, but now I must go

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