Lyrics and Chords of Prison Women

Artist:David F. Bello

Incarcerated angel, Lady Courageous
You get this little bit of pure sunshine
For a U.S. postage stamp (I like to drink unusual beers)
Cheaper than a dinner date

I will answer all letters
I am excited about a new life

I'd quit smoking if I ever thought
The fact that I would live any longer
Would make any difference to you

Close my eyes while I'm tracing the line
Of the odd curvature of your spine
In the way I use your hands as handles
Navigating through the cuts on your ankles

I'd quit smoking if I ever thought
You would see my dying a long a painful
Death from cancer as something bad

I want to line your insides
With the imprint of my veins
I am an orchid
In boots and Levis

I'd have quit smoking if I ever thought
I would ever look forward to the extra
Years at the end of my life

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