Lyrics and Chords of January, April and Me

Artist:Dick Curless

In a nineteen fifty seven blue and green two door sedan
We divided all we own and I've packed all I can
The back seat's piled high with things in the front seat
Tears are flowin'
And I'm drivin' down a lonely road without a single thought to where we're goin'
But January April and me we're pullin' out
So, you can be the girl you want to be
Go get 'em little miss up-town
Ride high ride free
But say goodbye to January April and me
The tiny rocker teddy bear and dolls are gone
And won't be in your way
I forget that al' pipe you never liked
Just throw it away
I don't think April understands but January's crying
I know what her heart is goin' through
Here we are the three of us leaving the rest of us
And knowing you'll be a part of all we do
(Repeat Chorus)
Buddy Mize

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