Lyrics and Chords of On Elm Street

Artist:Fully Down

Making new friends and letting
Old ones drift away
Finding a subtle peace in ordinary things
(The future is free)

Today is a new day
Don't let it get away
And good times will never end

You used to say the road ahead looks beautiful
Well, I guess you never gave it half the chance
I hope someday you will find you've rediscovered your dreams

Out east where you belong
We're singing the same old song
And givin' all we have

We took a picture of the
Sounds that filled our hearts
Maybe we lost ourselves in solitary dreams
(A need to believe)

Today is a new wave
And I'm counting down the days
But this time it never ends

From miles away the road ahead looks beautiful
No more crying over trials of the past
I know someday we will find a subtle peace on Elm Street

So what have we found

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