Lyrics and Chords of Justice Waiting

Artist:Jason Upton

How many lies must we hear?
How many lives will be stolen?
How long will we let this fear paralyze the church?
How long will these renters rule the earth?

How many mothers must cry?
How many children must die?
How long will we just stand by and watch a careless world teach our boys and girls their tyranny?

God of land and sea and the universe come deliver me. And every slave that lives upon the earth!

There is a new day coming and it won’t be long.
There is a fire burning and a wind that’s strong.
There is justice waiting for the child of God.

And it’ll all go down.
It’ll all go down.
It’ll all go down somehow.

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by:    Jason Upton

by:    Jason Upton

by:    Jason Upton

by:    Jason Upton