Lyrics and Chords of My Little Book of Sorrows

Artist:Marc And The Mambas

I left my life in the bottom of a boat
I took a dive over the side
Down with the green slime losing my mind
Blinded by the salt I'm losing my mind
Wrists are tied
But my dreams are on fire
Wrists are tied
But my senses are still alive
Always the weight of my life in my hands
Forever the weight of my life in my hands

You're always thinking about death these days
Even when you laugh there's an edge to your smile
The only problem is the method or the way
A barb soaked smile saturated with style
It's nice to know you're thought of as the laugh and a half
Nobody sees the shadow you are
Wrapped in the skin that covers all but the heart
Upon your sleeve like a melting spare part
And you lay yourself open to the jokes and the jeers
Just one kind word would mean so much to you
But you couldn't give a damn as you've hardened with years
A word's just a movement of the mouth anyway

You're pretty as a picture
And pretty smart too
Now drop the facade that supports the real you
Bleeding like a little boy that's picked on at school
You will rise up like an angel when you've played up their fool
Let them stew in their juices
You were kind to be cruel
And you never let the anger out as a rule

I've mapped out my mind
And a crime and a time
My little book of sorrows to help life shine
And it shines so bright that it burns out the eye
It's memories that are made of this that make you crack and cry
You fend off your body of a million crimes
Shouting: "So many men so many times"
And I always have this image of you sprawled across a bed
With dagger drums flicking from your sedative head

I'm sure you realise life's lived further on
But there's not a lot to treasure when the mystery's gone
Reality will smother your dreams and your soul
When the entrance to your heart becomes another old hole
So I'm taking my dive and I'm taking it deep
To the cool white cave of my tranquilliser sleep
Where I live out the movie emotions instead
And I keep my list of sorrows locked alone in my head
And I keep my list of sorrows locked alone in my head
Could be better off dead
Could be better off dead
Could be better off dead

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