Lyrics and Chords of The Untouchable One

Artist:Marc And The Mambas

The untouchable one
The destroyer of fun
Come and destroy my fun
Come and destroy my fun
If it gives us a link however small
Because it makes me love you more
I would be under the wheels of your car
For the arrow you are
Hit the bullseye from the bow
Because it's then that I know
That you must truly love me
Love me, love me

Let me burn on my own
Let me eat up my soul
How can you sit there smug?
Crawling right up my leg
Blinking blind like a cheetah
And sneaky like a mamba
Oh and just as deadly
Telling me there is nothing wrong with you
Oh not much you stupid, dumb little fool
There's a wall sealing up our invisible love
Cutting me from your sight and your sighs
And I'll smash it right down with my fists until bloody
For just one tiny spark from your fucking pussy cat eyes

Love me, love me (repeat)

I can't go on avoiding love
One day we'll collide again
And I know when that happens I'll crumble and shatter, shatter, shatter
But what would that matter?
Oh what would that matter?
Oh what in the world would that matter?
Because what in the world am I?
But a stupid little fly
Loves little insect to shrivel up and die
Goodbye, goodbye (repeat)
Love's little insect to shrivel up and die

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