Lyrics and Chords of For the Love of a Woman

Artist:Martina McBride

For the love a woman
A man unlocks his heart
And reveals all the secrets it holds
And the love of a woman
Will find his better part
When he gives her the key to his soul

He will listen to her dreams
He will ask her what she needs
He will help her build the life she wants to live
He will hold her when she cries
With a love that never dies
All these things he will give
For the love of a woman

For the love of woman
A man will sacrifice
While he waits for a moment of grace
With the love of a woman
A man will pay the price
For the trust that he sees in her face

He will open any door
Leave the life he knew before
To convince her that he's all she'll ever need
And when he's afraid to start
He will step into the dark
cause he knows she'll give his eyes the power to see
With the love of a woman

And he promises to help her dreams come true
Oh there's nothing in this world that he won't do
Though he's not a work of art
He will try with all his heart
To become the man she knows that he can be
With the love of a woman

With the love of a woman
He will give his life
For the love of a woman

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