Lyrics and Chords of Black Coffee

Artist:Nana Mouskouri

I`m feelin` mighty lonesome
Haven`t slept a wink
I walk the floor from nine to four
In between I drink
Black coffee
Love`s a hand-me-down brew
I`ll never know a Sunday
In this weekday room

I`m talkin` to the shadows
One o`clock to four
And Lord, how slow the moments go
And all I do is pour
Black coffee
feelin` low as the ground
I`m hangin` out on Monday
My Sunday dreams to dry

Now man was born to go a-lovin`
But was a woman born to weep and fret
And stay at home and tend her oven
And down her past regrets
In coffee and cigarettes

I`m moonin` all the mornin`
Moanin` all the night
And in between it`s nicotine
And not much heart to fight
Black coffee
Feelin` low as the ground
It`s drivin` me crazy
This thinkin` `bout my baby
Might maybe come around
Come around

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