Lyrics and Chords of Immortal Sin

Artist:Praga Khan

I cannot keep my love inside
In many ways I'm still a child
But even though the wounds went deep
You're calling me out of my sleep
Lips that kiss but do not speak
Empty silence, lover's seed
A simple man, a simple dream
Love brought pain and disbelief
Many times I lost my way
Out of my mind, every day and night
I picked you up and threw you down
Travelling twice the speed of sound
A million thoughts that crossed my mind
I blew it all, I crossed the line
But when I sleep I cannot keep
The thought of you from my dreams

The bed on which my lover died
I'm in the room, in which the loner cried
And every time that the sun goes down
My head starts spinning round and round
Somewhere deep into the night
I try to find food for my mind
A shot of hope takes away the pain
The blood is rushing through my vains
I chase the wind to sail the see
In my mind, my private galaxy
Forgive me if my fantasies
Might seem reality to me
I taste her kiss I smell her skin
The price for my immortal sin
But when I sleep I cannot keep
The thought of you from my dreams

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