Lyrics and Chords of Kickback For The Rave Alarm

Artist:Praga Khan

Time For Me To Change My Tactics, Nothing Drastic
Some New Theories To Practise
Rhymes Analysed To Emphasis Concepts
Mind Designed To Memorize The Rhymes Kept
As I Step With The Gift To Move Swift
Blessed With A Microphone To Assist On This
Kind Of Rhythm Laid Back And Smooth
Not Made To Set It Straight...But To Confuse
All Those Who Tried To Prove Themselves Before
Now Ignored 'cos We Don't Want No More
Bullshit That Don't Stick
Better Get Your Ass Off Stage Real Quick
I Come Blessed With Rhymes Better Than Best
'Cos My Soul Isn't Embedded In My Chest
You Can Call Me Dog, I'll Turn It Around
And Get God, Now How That Sound
I Can Go On And On And On 'till The Break Of Dawn
Still The Song Remains Strong
Kind Of Heavy, Extraordinarily Great
In Weight, How Much More Can You Take
From The Prophet Of Doom Obtaining Power From Sun, Stars And Moon
Presumed Guilty Of Catching Up With Tunes
Press Charges To Make An Example
This Is More Than Just A Sample
Of Music Fabricated To Create A
Sound From The Past And Update It
Special Effects To Complex To Mention
On The Set, So What I Do Next
Is Grab A Hold On Any Microphone That'll
Help Me Prove Point As I Move Along
Tone To Tone, Melody To Melody
Captivated But Still Free To
Expand A Thought That Ought To Grow
Into A New Kind Of Flow And I'ma Let You Know
What It Is That Keeps It All Together
By All Measures I'ma Make The
Perfect Remedy For Flowing Steadily
Meant To Be Smooth And It Had Better Be
Harder Than The Hardest Hard Rhyme Ever Manufactured
By Man So Take A Stand And It'll Come Straight At Ya

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