Lyrics and Chords of A People's History Of The World


At some turning point in history, some fuckface recognized
That knowledge tends to democratize cultures and societies
So the only thing to do
Was monopolize and confine it to

Priests, clerics and elites the rest resigned to serve
'Cause if the rabble heard the truth, they'd organize against
The power, privilege and wealth for the few and no one else
And did it occur to you that it's exactly the same today?

So if our schools won't teach us
We'll teach ourselves to analyze and understand
The systems of thought-control

And share it with each other
Never swayed by brass rings or by penalties
I'll promise you, you promise me
Not to sell each other out to murderers, to thieves

Who've manufactured our delusion
That you and me participate
Meaningfully in the process
Of running our own lives

Yeah, you can vote however the fuck you want
But power still calls all the shots
And believe it or not

Even if democracy broke loose
They'll just make the economy scream
Until we vote responsibly

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