Lyrics and Chords of A Speculative Fiction


A new iron curtain drawn across the 49th parallel
Cut all diplomatic ties as we expel
All American dignitaries and issue a nationwide
Travel advisory for any others left inside

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The burned-out shells of southbound traffic lie

Strewn along a cold
Stretch of would-be interstate
Still visible below
Below the charred remains, Pax Americana plates

Your stupid fucking laser puckers were just the start
And while you may stand six full cubits and a spare
A shepherd's sling and five stones in our hand
The Battle of 1812 lives in our hearts

We don't care if we're destroyed
We'll never capitulate
We'll take the whole fucking world down
Down with us in flames

Just a speculative fiction
No cause for alarm
We've got a good fifteen years left
Until "United We Stand"

Murals on West Broadway finally fade
And we wave goodbye to your sad, childish refrains
Exchanged for other stupid lullabies
Like "You can have my guns when you pry

Them from my cold, dead hands"
Just a speculative fiction

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