Lyrics and Chords of Passwords

Artist:Q And Not U

Oftly they push me in the water
Im ringing my clothes out now
I drank the pail down of the water
I run the water from my clothes so clean

Gently shut my eyes
Gently shut my eyes

I filled the pail of the water
I cast the passwords in a perfect scene
And burn all my belongings
Maybe two will complicate my life
Oh this and more
Right before my eyes
The pail in my mouth
My password was a home on fire
Oh this and more
Silently transpired

They push push push me in the water
They push push push me in a perfect scene
Reciting passwords in a fog of perfume
Reciting passwords in the? of perfume tears

They're burning my belongings
They're deleting every word I write
A silky fog of tear gas
Endlessly conspires

I I I never said no
Because my password was a home on fire
This as the perfume teardrops
Vanished from my eyes

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