Lyrics and Chords of Go Play In The Sun

Artist:Russ Taff

I was walking and praying for a glimpse of the Lord
Just to know He was walking with me
The past I'd confessed, I'd given my heart
But the memories won't let me be

Then in my mind's eye an image appeared
Of a tortured man nailed to a tree
His face hid by hair soaked with his blood
Lifted up and I saw it was me

You've been there, you've done that
So let yourself go, all is paid for and done
The phantoms that haunt you are under the blood
Go play like a child in the sun, go, child and play in the sun

The next thing I saw was a garden at dawn
The sun peeping over the hill
What looked like a woman, her face in her hands
Was weeping like hope had been killed

Then something demanded I look at the light
A voice said, "Come, trade in your fear"
For a brand new beginning like you were just born
Go dance for there is no death here

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