Lyrics and Chords of I Want To Change

Artist:Russ Taff

Lord, You know my past
Like clay the pains of life
Have molded me
The years have brought
So many things
From examples I could see
Some good
Some bad
They're all a part of me
But I see my selfish motives
And my inconsistencies
And block upon block
The wall was built complete
Oh, please, come
And breake the wall down
And show this captive heart
How to be free

I want to be like You
I want to change
And not be trapped in the patterns
My life has set for me
I want to be like You
Please help me change
Into what I was meant to be
Until all I can clearly see
Is the loving reflection
Of You in me

Teach me to forgive
Letting go of hurts I hide behind
Facing all of the things in me
I've buried deep inside
As Your healing love
Brings all of them to light
Let my life be an example
Of what true life can be
When it's given like a gift
To those who need
Oh, please, come
And take control of
This yielded, willing soul
And live through me

Repeat Chorus

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