Lyrics and Chords of Once In A Lifetime

Artist:Russ Taff

Sweet precious one
I do love you
And I always will

Last night I dreamed that you were gone
And I was here all alone
The emptiness so deep down inside
Such heartache I've never known

I cried to God with tear-stained eyes
"Oh please bring her back to me"
Just to hold you again, I'd do anything
I'd do anything to know you believe

That Oh you're my once in a lifetime
My angel on earth
You made a simple man's dream come true
Sweet precious one, I do love you
And I always will

I wiped my tears and held you so close
Thank God it was only a dream
Sweetheart I promise each day
To show you in some way
Just what your love means to me

Repeat Chorus

Sweet precious Lord
I do love you
And I always will

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