Lyrics and Chords of Pure In The Heart

Artist:Russ Taff

He said
"Let's see, when I was three
My life was pure
But by living day to day
It quickly slipped away
Of that I'm sure
Oh, to have a pure heart
To make a new start
It seemed like a dream"

Then I heard Jesus say
That there was a way
These things could be
And when I gave myself to Him
Before my eyes
My whole life was purified

Blessed are, happy are
Those who are pure in heart
They will be, more than free
They will see God

Repeat Chorus

Before I know that He was true
I had tried to find God everywhere
But nothing was there
It ws just empty lies
But since He cleanses me of my sin
I see His face
My new heart's His dwelling place

Repeat Chorus

They will call and He will answer
They will cry and He will hear

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