Lyrics and Chords of Tell Them

Artist:Russ Taff

The day is near
That man will hear
The cries of those
Who have gone on
They spoke today
Yet far away
Their words warn us
Of what's to come
They said:
"Nations will fall
The Bear will conquer all
He will pull at the walls
Of the Holy Land"

(Go) tell them
Tell them, tell them
That's when He's coming
Tell them, tell them
Tell them
That's when He's coming

The earth, it will quake
From place to place
And brothers
They will betray the brothers
And sin, it will rule
The minds of fools
And those who love God
Will be hated
(Jesus said to ...)

Repeat Chorus

He said the day will turn dark
The moon will not shine
The stars will fall
From the heavenly skies
From the east to the west
It will split open wide
And with splendor and glory
With our eyes, behold God
What will you say
What will you do
When you see God
What will you say?

Repeat Chorus

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