Lyrics and Chords of Dead Rubber Chickens

Artist:Sudden Death

Are you ready for the terror of a lifetime
Lock all your windows, stay in the house at night time
Comin' to your home from the sewers
They came from outter space and they're bouncing to a town near yours
This is the attack of the chickens
They've been here for years, but we didn't know we were with 'em
Maybe now they might just understand
That the chickens are the cause of the problems in this glorious land
Discovered by a doctor in Brazil
They might make you sick or they might just kill
So face it, it's true
As reported by the National Enquirer direct to you

It's the attack of the dead rubber chickens
You can't get rid of 'em you can't live with 'em
Blame everything on the dead rubber chickens
'Cause this time it's them who'll do the finger lickin'

Try not to acknowledge that you know
'Cause if they find out they'll peck out your eyes real slow
Be happy that the chickens never flew
'Cause as it is now they're tryin' to take over the home of Frank Purdue
Take a look around you won't see 'em
But the next time your car breaks down you can blame 'em,
Know what I mean
The White House keeps 'em on as a guide
'Cause they think that if they step outta line
They'll just make Kentucky Fried
But the truth couldn't be so bent
'Cause the chickens now control this nation's government
They're monsters, they're dead
If you see 'em don't get too close they'll peck off your head

It's the attack of the dead rubber chickens
Everyday they grow stronger and the rubber plot thickens
Blame everything on the dead rubber chickens
They'll stick to your family like a booger you've been flickin'

The chickens are controlling Mr. Rogers
And they're forming their own baseball team called the Tobasco Dodgers
King of sell-out rap and rock
They're the masterminds behind the sucess of the
New Kids On The Block
That's an example of their power
They're small and yellow, but they make the powerful cower
The day of the chickens has come
And it's time we faught 'em instead of runnin' around like bums
Get 'em now because more are coming
Maybe we can turn 'em into condoms or something
This is it, their pen
The National Enquirer says that they're coming back again

The attack of the dead rubber chickens
They clog your toilet and blow up your kitchen
Blame everything on the dead rubber chickens
Serve 'em on a platter with all the fixens

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