Lyrics and Chords of Road Ragin'

Artist:Sudden Death

Foot to the floor, get out the way, ziggin' zaggin'
Ziggin' through the traffic and up goes the finger
Get out of my waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Comin' through!

And this is for the people who I see while I'm drivin'
Who despite their own stupidity are somehow alive
The braindead freaks, who refuse to wake up
The guys who are shaving and the chicks with make up
The guy behind me in the rear view mirror
Following so close I can see his nose hairs
The moron flying by me changing his clothes
The guys who only concentrate on picking their nose
All you punks who make your engines roar
The hundred year old lady who can't see anymore
The guy who has to steer with his knees all night
'Cause there's a beer in his left hand and a joint in his right
For the suicidal freaks tryin' to beat the train
The guy who made the U-turn from the right hand lane
Their stupidity's amazing, I'm completely stunned
Now get off the road before you kill someone!


I wish I had a nickel that somebody would give me
For every time a moron on the phone nearly hit me
Wild antics in parking lots
They'd run over their own daughter just to get a good spot
And guys who stare at an accident
Even if it's nothin' but a little 2 inch dent
While you're lookin' at the crash, you're bound to cause one
Now get off the road before you kill someone


Hey watch it, buddy!
Yeah same to you!
You go to Hell!

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