Lyrics and Chords of Big Deal

Artist:The Minus 5

Somebody's looking at you
Big deal
Someone is wondering about you
Big deal
Big deal
There's so many millions of things to worry about
What's the point in trying to figure it out?

Someone picked you out in a crowd
Big deal
Someone said your jacket's too loud
Big deal
Big deal
What could be less important then the clothes you put on everyday
All you trying to do was keep warm anyway

A fear inside a little box
Where there is no change
Everything is understood
Nothing is strange
The colours of the wall
...of the floor
No decisions to be made because there is no door
No one dares to laugh at you
No one to disapprove
No room for TV toilets telephone
No room to move

Somebody says you're disgusting
Big deal
Someone has trouble adjusting
You didn't ask them to, so big deal
All you trying to do was make life a little more fun
Nothing that you could possibly hurt anyone

Somebody has a complaint
Big deal
Someone is different then me
Well that's not so bad

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by:    The Minus 5

by:    The Minus 5