Lyrics and Chords of Daggers Drawn

Artist:The Minus 5

Sandymount strand, well, technically, no
The faithful ones here have remained just so
Catalog sins, inhumanly long
I know where the soap and flowers have gone

Daggers drawn and quartered lawns
Each square for one and none for all
I'm tired of daggers drawn

Four o'clock knock, I'm knocking about
There's a blaze inside that I can't boil out
It's never been done, this civilized son
May have to resort to a bow or a gun

Making a wish, forgetting it twice
Ithaca's far and Nausicaa is nice
Well, she's just all right
I want to give in, give in so good
Afraid I'll give in the last way I should

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by:    The Minus 5

by:    The Minus 5