Lyrics and Chords of Evolution

Artist:The Minus 5

Captain of the membership is dead below the waist
It happened in a faraway forgotten no place
He won't come with the sailors now although we beg him so
It hurts too much to put on those clothes
It hurts too much to know what everybody knows

And the power of eternal friends
Can raise him up in the bitter end
The moth of flee is floating in space
Migrating from place to place,
Call it evolution

It's a compensation but it always seems worthwhile
To dance on your head until you feel that little smile
The dance gets bigger and bigger
A permanent addiction to the man that you're going to be
The man you're gonna see coming after you

And the power of eternal logic
Is hanging on a rack in the closet
The moth of flees flow the golden wing
Looking for a place to stay
Call it evolution

We got soaked and tired on a not forgotten summer's day
When a raft up starving women put on a very special play
They where dressed like horses and children
So we clapped for confusion sake till they wandered out among us
And pulled us by our tongue into the silver lake

When the power of eternal love
Made everything work out hand in glove
The moth of flee flowed in the golden wing
Looking for a place to stay
Call it evolution

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by:    The Minus 5

by:    The Minus 5