Lyrics and Chords of Got You

Artist:The Minus 5

I've tried beer, and I've tried poison
I sleep standing up--it's all for you
Brand-new static on the same old station
New rotation for the same old tune

I look at you through a hole in a leaf
From your eyes--green, wide--to the tops of your feet
And I take it, and I put it in my pocket
Now I got you, got you

I woke up tonight, some long blue murder
And I've thrown days away--it's all for you
I want a box of paper dolls for Christmas
Pick the prettiest, pretend it's you

Draw your face in the sand on the beach
With two seashell eyes, broken sand-dollar teeth
It's a picnic and a nightmare loving someone
But I got you, got you

Candles light the scene of my closet shrine
Play-Doh figurines in a plane where you are mine

I don't pray for much--that's what I'm getting
Talking at the moon, a face like you
Every pill I take wears some resemblance
Takes me to a place where dreams are true

I swallow you with a smile on my face
Then I hold you warm in a summer place

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by:    The Minus 5

by:    The Minus 5