Lyrics and Chords of A Raindance in Traffic

Artist:The Wonder Years

I'm fanaticizing about doing a raindance in traffic.

I'm fanaticizing about a storm to wash me away.

If you'd study the laugh-lines, you'd see that I'm cracking.

I spent six months now feeling like dead weight—the fighter in me must have died a long time ago.

I must have been watching his ghost; just going through the motions, just putting on a face.

It feels like 1929 and I'm on the verge of a great collapse today.

Every window in this house faces a brick wall.

I'm panicked and absent like a bird in a cage.

The word from the front lines says that we're out-gunned but I can't walk away.

No, I can't walk away. No, I can't.

I was just happy to be a contender. I was just aching for anything.

I used to have such steady hands, now I can't keep them from shaking.

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