Lyrics and Chords of Christmas at 22

Artist:The Wonder Years

Winter break always seems so cold
I took my brother's keys and I drove
Turned the headlights on because it's already dark at 6 PM
I'll navigate familiar roads to the Christmas songs on the radio
I'll turn it off for "Let it Snow." I won't be snowed in
We're visiting some friends I haven't seen since August
To catch up on all the things we missed while we were in college
We'll find a house party when the bars close
And I'll drive all my drunken friends home
Proving once again that no one we've ever met
Has really changed that much since high school

Let's turn on the TV and wait for Christmas specials
We'll make some frozen pizza and watch your stolen cable
We'll thank whoever's in charge here that this year
Didn't treat me so bad

The day the ground starts to get wet
Everyone that I've ever met has an away message that says
"Faintest snow keep falling." New diners are packed out
With old friends. We're overwhelmed but unimpressed
I miss the days when I knew every single waitress
We'll find a house party when the bars close
We'll never spend the holidays alone
Proving once again that there's a reason my friends
Still tend to call this place home

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